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THEY ARE THE DEFUALT SETTING FRIST WHEN U JOIN KRUNKER, {"controls":{"jumpKey":32,"crouchKey":20,"meleeKey":81,"swapKey":69,"primKey":84,"reloadKey":82,"sprayKey":70,"inspKey":88,"aimKey":67,"shootKey":-1,"chatKey":13,"voiceKey":86,"interactKey":71,"interactSecKey":72,"dropKey":90,"wepVisKey":-1,"sBoardKey":9,"streakKeys":[49,50,51,52],"moveKeys":[87,83,65,68]},"defaultRegion":"au-syd","lang":"en","lagComp":1,"netRerouting":true,"resolution":0.8,"updateRate":0,"aspectRatio":"1920x1080","lowSpec":false,"particles":false,"particlesDist":290,"renderDist":100,"shadows":false,"shadowsDynamic":false,"ambientShading":false,"showTrails":true,"muzzleFlash":false,"sniperFlap":true,"textureAnim":true,"objectAnim":true,"screenShake":false,"weaponShine":false,"lighting":"2","scaleUI":1,"showUI":true,"oldScoreboard":true,"disableRarityAnim":false,"dynamicHP":true,"showHitInd":true,"hitColor":"#FF3F3F","showDMG":true,"dmgColor":"#1104b3","critColor":"#de0a0f","dmgScale":0.7,"showKills":true,"showKillC":true,"showDeaths":true,"showScore":false,"showStreak":true,"showSpec":true,"showPing":true,"showNetStats":false,"showFPS":true,"showSpeed":false,"speedOffX":5,"speedOffY":5.4,"showMedals":true,"hideNames":"0","nametagOpac":1,"nametagStyle":"0","healthNum":false,"shwChat":"0","chatFilter":false,"showMessages":true,"showUnboxings":true,"chatOp":1,"chatBGOp":0.2,"chatTextOutline":false,"chatHeight":2.5,"chatTimer":0,"crosshairSho":"4","crosshairStyle":"0","crosshairImage":"","crosshairOpacity":1,"crosshairUseOpacity":false,"crosshairAlways":true,"crosshairColor":"#ffffff","crosshairShadow":"#000000","crosshairShadowThickess":1,"crosshairThick":2,"crosshairLen":16,"crosshairGap":0,"crosshairDot":false,"sensitivityX":1,"sensitivityY":1,"aimSensitivityX":1,"aimSensitivityY":1,"slidCont":6,"scrollDir":false,"streamMode":false,"challMode":false,"invertY":false,"sensitivityXCntrl":1,"sensitivityYCntrl":1,"aimSensitivityXCntrl":1,"aimSensitivityYCntrl":1,"deadZoneL":0.3,"deadZoneR":0.25,"triggerThres":0.1,"invertYCntrl":false,"vibration":true,"gradSpeed":false,"sensitivityXMbl":1,"sensitivityYMbl":1,"aimSensitivityXMbl":1,"aimSensitivityYMbl":1,"invertYMbl":false,"vibrationMbl":true,"gradSpeedMbl":true,"sound":0.2,"ambientVolume":1,"voiceVolume":0,"gunsVolume":1,"playerVolume":1,"uiVolume":1,"fov":100,"fpsFOV":120,"weaponBob":0.6,"weaponLean":0,"weaponOffX":1.4,"weaponOffY":1.4,"weaponOffZ":1,"aimAnim":true,"hideADS":true,"showHands":false,"showWeapon":true,"showWeaponSec":true,"showWeaponMel":true,"hudHealthHigh":"#9eeb56","hudHealthLow":"#eb5656","showPScore":true,"scoreColor":"#0c00e8","scoreShadow":false,"scoreScale":1,"scoreOffX":5,"scoreOffY":3.7,"saturation":1,"menuSaturation":1,"hue":0,"menuHue":0,"vignette":0,"feedLimit":8,"bulletTracerCol":"#ffffdb","bulletTracers":true,"canLoadMods":true,"autoLoadLast":false,"scopeBorders":false,"customScope":"","customHitmarker":"","customADSDot":"","reticleWidth":2,"reticleHeight":2,"endMessage":"gg","customProfile":"","customAmmo":"","customKills":"","customDeaths":"","customStreak":"","useDamageOverlay":true,"customDamage":"","customTimer":"","customGameOverlay":""}. How to import settings Go to your Krunker settings Click the import button on the top bar of the Krunker settings page Copy all of this below: 5. All of the remaining weapons will be added in the future. Here is a complete guide to tuning your Krunker Settings, whether youre on Mac, PC, or ChromeOS (as well as browser versus client). 441.2K views. You should experiment with this - I personally find an aim sens slightly higher than the standard sens to be a good balance between fast target-switching and control. However, this is not true. In krunker go to settings > import. If you find the numbers blocking your vision, you can turn down the Damage Scale setting. (feels about 1:1). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you export your settings on a regular basis to back them up. A gradient pattern that gets lighter towards the center draws your eyes towards the center without being too distracting. C lick on the Performance option. I have a lot of trouble comprehending how you can aim on 120. Recommendation: OFF. Literally its what it sounds like! Double-click on box below to select all of the text Click "Import" in Krunker Settings, paste in your clipboard #krunker #krunkerclips #valentinesday. Valve Corporation. | 1.75 KB, C | In theory, this is a great idea. 6 11 11 comments Best Add a Comment TechnoGamerOff 2 yr. ago By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the. The LOW setting reduces the dynamic range a lot of the image (kind of like an HDR effect). 26 min ago That being said, here are a few reasons you may want to adjust your Aspect Ratio setting: You want to play windowed and want to customize precisely the size of the window. Or if you prefer to hide weapon on certain classes, lets say you want to keep the weapon model on for the AK but hide with revolver when aiming, now you can just hit the toggle when you switch classes. This is a blue dot red dot image. This makes mouse movements more fluid. Should be working properly now. Mouse buttons can also be mapped. Note: once you make ANY change to the presets, you will be set to the custom mode. Some streamers like to have chat turned off in case chat has bad language. Click OK to restart Import Pictures and Videos. Tweak in-game settings 1. If your weapon has a shining effect to simulate the appearance of a light source. Usually played in combination w/ Hunter. (Download included) Delsin 529 subscribers Subscribe 388 29K views 1 year ago My updated settings video. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. I remember when Overwatch was starting to be played competitively, people came from a variety of game backgrounds so crosshair choices were highly variable. is a free io Multiplayer First Person Shooter. I think you have to add.png to the end image link. Top of window. 4 min ago The new high-tickrate setting is recommended to be turned ON. 1 hour ago Also, some people prefer it OFF for greater visibility. Trickshot + 10 killstreak #krunkerclips #krunker. Use this scope w/ the scope border setting turned OFF. The most important part of the set, this crosshair image is designed to be used with the always show setting enabled. *How to Import Settings* (Nuke Gameplay) Kappuccino 47.2K subscribers Subscribe 1.1K 44K views 1 year ago UNITED STATES My settings are referred. 4 min ago 14 min ago I am currently using shader-based rendering and have updated my settings accordingly! 6) Open the file and ensure you open it with a text editor so you can see the code. EDITING (HUE, SATURATION, HUD COLOR, POPUP SCORE), CUSTOMIZATION SECTION (SCOPE IMAGE & VARIOUS CUSTOM IMAGES, MODS). You can use the crosshair to aim w/ pinpoint accuracy and the larger scope image for quickscopes. there's no such thing as "God/best krunker settings". GET IT HERE: PHILZGOODMAN BLUE SCOPE IMAGE. Visible on NTPs with customized, ,